Veeru Murugappan

Born & raised in Chennai, India, Veeru - a Psychology graduate, cut his teeth in broadcast journalism with NDTV in 2008 where he anchored mainstream news and sports bulletins.

He moved to Singapore in 2010 with IMG, a global sports & events company. After working on live & non-live Football programs for a few years, Veeru went onto spearhead the production team for one of the company's biggest properties, 'ICC Cricket 360', the flagship television program of the International Cricket Council.

The program has won a number of global awards and by the end of December 2019, the show completed over 300 episodes and was broadcast in over 100 countries worldwide.

Today, Veeru continues to play a key role with the ICC as an independent content and production partner.

He is the founder of Coromandel Productions, a company that specialises in showcasing human interest, heartwarming and inspirational stories through short films, corporate videos, sports features and documentaries around the world.

In January 2020, Coromandel Productions became co-owners of Barn Media. A Welsh based TV production and digital content company.

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  • possesses good knowledge of the foundational skills of mindfulness,
  • has completed a recognized mindfulness-based programme such as MBSR or MBCT, or at least one week-long silent mindfulness meditation retreat,
  • sustains their own regular mindfulness meditation practice, 
  • advocates mindfulness as a way of life,
  • is committed to propagating the practice of mindfulness as a preventative approach to improving mental health,
  • aligns with The Big Sit's intention of inspiring people and communities to make use of public and social spaces to practice mindfulness,
  • and is committed to further developing themselves as mindfulness practice teachers and facilitators.

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