Kailas Moorthy

Kailas has meditated since the beginning of 2016.

He is not sure if this daily practice has made him a better man. But he has noticed that generally, he’s less concerned when things don’t go to plan. ⁠He still gets annoyed at failure and strives to reverse that outcome, but thanks to meditation, he’s more aware of what is in his control and what is not. For the problems over which he has no control, for these:⁠ he doesn’t worry as much.

As an Architect and WELL Accredited Professional, Kailas leads DP Architect’s global Wellbeing drive from our London Studio. Over 20 years in the construction industry, spanning North America, Europe and Asia, has afforded him a wide range of experience in many sectors and scales of projects; through them all, he strives to bring a considered process-driven and human-centric approach to design. This includes the ambition to imbed a contemplative quality to the spaces, places and journeys he creates.

His interests outside architecture include writing and trying to stay healthy through sport and wellbeing practices such as yoga. Lockdown in London has allowed him to master the headstand, finally.

Join him on Instagram to follow explorations on how design might influence wellbeing, sharing tips on Staying Healthy and Designing Healthy Spaces to nudge us in the right direction...

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Call for instructors

An instructor for The Big Sit:

  • possesses good knowledge of the foundational skills of mindfulness,
  • has completed a recognized mindfulness-based programme such as MBSR or MBCT, or at least one week-long silent mindfulness meditation retreat,
  • sustains their own regular mindfulness meditation practice, 
  • advocates mindfulness as a way of life,
  • is committed to propagating the practice of mindfulness as a preventative approach to improving mental health,
  • aligns with The Big Sit's intention of inspiring people and communities to make use of public and social spaces to practice mindfulness,
  • and is committed to further developing themselves as mindfulness practice teachers and facilitators.

If you are keen to become a part of The Big Sit community as an Instructor, please reach out to us by expressing your interest.

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