Anna Williams

Anna’s enthusiasm and interest in health and wellness began several years ago when she began exploring a range of fitness modalities from cardio kick-boxing to kundalini yoga. She was introduced to mindfulness over 8 years ago and has fully embraced it, making it a part of a consistent daily practice since.

Mindfulness has helped her to cultivate heightened self-awareness, ease anxiety, sharpen focus, hone the mind-body connection and develop deeper interpersonal relationships.

Although all topics of health and wellbeing interest her, the events of the last year have turned her focus toward mental health and nutrition. Related podcasts on her list include On Purpose With Jay Shetty, Huberman Lab, 10% Happier with Dan Harris, A Bit of Optimism with Simon Sinek and Dare to Lead with Brene Brown.

She's a fan of deep, engaging discussions that encourage exploration and inquiry, and she warmly invites the curious to connect with her to explore the benefits that come with a consistent practice.

She joined the Big Sit movement since its inception and has been a volunteer since. She looks forward to supporting the growth of its community.

A favorite quote:

"Your world is a reflection of you. “You will find only what you bring in.”

Are you ready?

Call for instructors

An instructor for The Big Sit:

  • possesses good knowledge of the foundational skills of mindfulness,
  • has completed a recognized mindfulness-based programme such as MBSR or MBCT, or at least one week-long silent mindfulness meditation retreat,
  • sustains their own regular mindfulness meditation practice, 
  • advocates mindfulness as a way of life,
  • is committed to propagating the practice of mindfulness as a preventative approach to improving mental health,
  • aligns with The Big Sit's intention of inspiring people and communities to make use of public and social spaces to practice mindfulness,
  • and is committed to further developing themselves as mindfulness practice teachers and facilitators.

If you are keen to become a part of The Big Sit community as an Instructor, please reach out to us by expressing your interest.

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