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We are a community of venue partners, instructors, and practitioners who embrace mindful awareness as a lifelong practice, and together develop “healthy cities”.

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Our Vision

The Big Sit aims to activate people's innate capacity for stillness and calm in the midst of urban chaos, inspire people to make use of public and social spaces to practice mindfulness, and support them in the development of crucial life skills for personal and professional advancement.

Our Partners

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The Big Sit

An Initiated by Light On Life in collaboration with Mindful Moments and the Conscious Cities Index research project, The Big Sit aims to drive a purposeful usage of urban spaces in the city to improve the mental health and wellbeing of citizens, as well as collectively build a healthier and more conscious society.

A practice of being aware and present with the mind, the body, and the spaces we inhabit, mindfulness meditation has been proven through research to boost mental health and elevate wellbeing. We advocate mindfulness meditation as a preventive and cost-effective approach to improving community mental health and building individual and collective mental resilience in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

All around the city, social meditation spaces beckon. We envision that The Big Sit will inspire more people to make intentional use of public and social spaces to practice mindfulness and develop more stillness and calmness, and be able to eventually extend these skills of awareness to their personal and professional lives. 

We also look forward to building a supportive community of venue partners, teachers and practitioners who embrace self-awareness as a lifelong practice, and together explore a new definition of “healthy cities”.